Why YOUR Words Matter


Several years ago I jumped onto the ‘word of the year’ bandwagon.  I loved the idea of choosing a word to represent my year.  Something to either define what I needed or wanted for myself and possibly something I just needed to hear.  Especially since I’m such a visual person this seemed like a great idea.

I’ve chosen the words:




Each year, I’ve discovered that I had prayed and chose that word, but by the end of the year God had given me that word because he knew exactly why and when I needed it.  It’s been amazing to look back and see that.


I surround myself with words of scripture on the walls of my home to remind me of the God who takes care of me, who loves me and who always loves me no matter what.

Because when life throws curve balls at you, it’s hard for me to always stay positive and to remember those things.  Those words aren’t so easy to remember in the hard times, and physical reminders are a great way to keep yourself going or to even promote that positivity through words in your home.


Then at a conference I attended this past summer I found out about this new beautiful decoration from Dayspring and (in)courage.  It’s the #wordsmatter line.  And since I love wood, decor and expressing yourself these caught my attention right away.


First I love that you can either use all the same font or mix up the fonts.  So awesome for creatives like me.  Plus I can either hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf or lean it against the wall.  I love that too since I tend to move things in my living room around a lot.



So, what’s your word? Or what’s a verse you would love to put in your house?  You can go Here on the website and play around with the letters/fonts and designs to make what you want and see what it looks like.  SO fun!







Quick Update & blog stuff


This is me lately.  Just chillin’ and trying to take life one day at a time.  We’ve had a lot of changes going on lately here on the home front so my main goal has just been taking it slow.

I’m processing a lot mentally about what’s going on here at the blog(or what’s NOT going on).   So when I do write, I want it to be from my heart and to mean it.  So I don’t just want to post vomit words here.  Make sense? Hope you’re kosher with that and you’ll stick around to see some changes I’m trying to implement soon.

Thanks for sticking with me while I’m takin’ a chill pill and Hope to see ya soon!q

Wordless Wednesday- back to public school

Just a quick what we’ve been up to.  Last week sweet Noah had another EEG which came back clean. (yay God).IMG_0855

And today we happily and sadly sent him back to public school.  There were many reasons for it, but it came down to what was best for our family and for him overall.  I’ve been praying all day for his transition back into P.S. and hope it’ll go well since he’s in school with his sister again.