Declare 4×4 about me


4 Things about me:

1. I’ve been married almost 12 years to my white knight husband.  We have 3 kids, 9,8, 6.  Our oldest is autistic and I homeschool him while the other 2 go to public school.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 4 years ago.  My husband and I were both born and bred in Texas and now live in Dallas. (Lots of info, but my general get to know me stuff *wink)

2. I love cars.  I love big jeeps with 6 inch lifts and 20 inch tires.  Oh and I love working on car engines with my husband. It’s one of the top reasons he loves me.  He owned one when we met and started dating and when our kids are no longer little we will get another one.

3. I’m a pretty random in life.  Before kids I worked in mortgage, then healthcare, then a SAHM, professional photographer, special needs advocate, graphic designer, author and now furniture builder/finisher. I could possibly be a little add. hee hee.

4. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and be a stay at home mom.  No, seriously…not a dr or teacher or anything else.  A mom.  Probably because I was an only child in my home with a single mom who had to be gone all of the time with work.  I’ve always wanted to be able to have kids and stay home with them.  Now I do and I love it more than anything.  I have had hard times but have always cherished it in my heart.


4 of my endearing quirks:

1. I talk a lot.  I love meeting new people and connecting and it gets me excited.  So I tend to over talk.  I try to keep it to a minimum, but you’ve been warned. LOL.

2. I love tshirts.  I actually love the stigma of SAHM’s wearing yoga pants and tees.  I don’t really care because I’m comfy and I can find cute comfy pants with tees.  The more tees the better.

3. I hate socks.  Like despise.  They feel weird and even in the winter I only wear slocks.  I specifically only buy shoes I DON’T have to wear socks with, including my walking shoes.

4. I’m Loud, but desire quiet.  I tend to talk loud, maybe because I grew up around loud. Not sure.  But our house is loud and I love it!  I also require daily(sometimes multiple) times of quiet by myself.  It maybe locked in the bathroom with earplugs, but quiet is quiet.  My brain needs frequent quiet breaks to function.


4 Things about my blog and writing:

1. My blog has changed recently, I was Funky Faith Girl for 4 years and after a long sabatical I knew I needed a change and now I’ve hopefully found it at Living Leigh.  The design will probably change a lot since I just randomly do that. I know it’s weird. That’s me.

2. I write honest and open. Always.  I felt God put on my heart a long time ago to write about myself and my blessing through trials. I’ve been through a lot as a child and an adult and God has changed me and grown me through it all.  So I just put it all out there and constantly try to seek Gods purpose through it all.

3. I started writing my first blog as a family blog over 7 years ago.  WOWZA.  So I guess I’m a veteran blogger but I’m always learning new things for sure.

4. I write randomly.  No matter how many times I’ve tried to stay on a “schedule” of some sorts it never works.  So I just go for it.  My life is crazy so I guess my blog is too.


4 Things I love:

1. Coffee. Coffee. and more coffee.  I love the feel of a mug in my hand.  I would drink more if my GI issues weren’t a problem.

2. Chocolate, the darker the better.  After a good meal I always have to cut it with a sweet thing afterwards.  It’s weird I know. But since my mom has the same chocolate issue, I blame it on genetics. That’s cool, right?

3. I eat all natural food. I mostly eat organic and gmo free and it is the best.  I mostly eat fruits and veggies with some starches.  It makes me feel good and started when my son was diagnosed with autism and continued when I started having major GI issues.

4. I just love spending time with a friend or a couple of friends.  Just us, our hearts, good food and good conversation.  With sweets of course.

I hope you got to know me a little more. 

I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to meet so many of y’all and get to know yall next week at Declare!!!!! YAY!!!

Please leave me a link and and I’ll check out your 4×4 Declare post OR let me know some things about you!! I love to get to know my readers.



  1. says

    I love your list and look forward to meeting you next week. I have to tell you I’m a bit jealous that you live in Dallas. :) My son has been living in North Richland Hills and will be there for 2 more years, and I’d love to be in that area. He’s been away from home since H.S. graduation — 9 years (wow, I didn’t realize it has been that long) — and seeing him every 4-6 months isn’t fun. :)

    • Leigh says

      Oh my gosh, energy bites with chocolate?? awesome. Yes I think that’s when we met, can’t wait to get to chat and get to know you more!

    • Leigh says

      Yep I didn’t learn to work on card until I met my husband but I fell in love. I don’t get to do it anymore but hopefully when my kids get older too.

  2. says


    So good to meet you! I just loved reading through your list of “getting to know me…” I’m intrigued with your story. You sound like a girl who grabs a bull by the horns and lives life to the fullest. Can’t wait to meet in person next week. I’ll make sure I look for the loud and talkative one. 😉
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